Common Misconceptions About Teeth

Today we are going to debunk common misconceptions about dental health. Some of these may have circulated for centuries and some maybe brand new, but all of them are certainly not true! So take a moment to read through, maybe you’ll realize you’ve been believing inaccuracies your whole life!

No Pain, No Problem!

If only this were the case we’d all be much better off, but unfortunately for you and I, it’s not! Bacteria is very small and undetectable to the naked eye, so even though you don’t feel or see anything it could still be eating away at the enamel on your teeth. The best strategy is to maintain regular visits to Vista Family Dental Care to make sure any problems are caught in their early stages, even before they hurt. Catching a small problem early means you are less likely to develop major problems later.

Kids Are More Prone To Cavities

Bacteria does not discriminate against children, it’s merely a difference in dental hygiene. Kids don’t tend to brush as routinely has adults so the likelihood of their teeth developing too much plaque increases. Make sure to teach your children good oral hygiene so they aren’t plagued with cavities.

Bleeding Gums Are Normal

Eek! While bleeding is a completely normal thing for the human body to do, it is almost always an indicator of something wrong. If you find that your gums bleed while you brush or floss, don’t put off seeing us. It could lead to something more serious that may result in tooth loss!

Fake Teeth Are As Good As Natural Teeth!

While the advancement of dental technologies has enhanced the look and feel of fake teeth, nothing beats the real thing. Every dentist you meet will tell you the same thing. I want you to keep all your natural teeth and will do everything in my power for you to keep them, but I can only do as much as you allow me!

Tooth Loss Is A Natural Part Of Aging

Tooth loss is usually caused by gum disease or trauma. Naturally the likelihood of both of these things happening increases with age, but it is not the direct cause…you are! Dental complications almost always start out small and grow into something major if left untreated. Tooth loss doesn’t have to be a result of old age if you don’t let it.

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