Caring for your Dentures

When natural teeth have failed, dentures are a versatile alternative that help our patients feel younger by improving their smile and quality of life. Modern technology has improved dentures like never before, so much so that they often won’t look all that different from natural teeth. However, your dentures require a bit of special upkeep. We always talk to our patients in detail about proper denture care, but we wanted to share an overview for anyone who might be considering dentures.

Keeping dentures clean

It’s important to keep your dentures clean. The Mayo Clinic recommends removing and rinsing dentures after eating as well as brushing them daily. This will remove food debris and prevent bacteria from getting a chance of taking hold. Rinsing after meals also makes dentures easier to clean later! Think about it this way… if you leave a dirty dish overnight with pasta sauce on it, doesn’t it make it that much harder to get a sparkling shine the next day? They should also be soaked overnight or at least 30 minutes every day, in a special solution (read our detailed instructions here). Make sure to rinse your dentures before placing them back in your mouth. If your dentures contain metal, you can use plain warm water for a rinse.

Things to avoid: heat and abrasives

Avoid hard brushes or abrasive cleaners. Whitening toothpastes can also be particularly harsh. Do not use bleach if your dentures have metal components or a soft lining. Hot or boiling water can warp the shape of your dentures and cause fit issues.

Remove dentures while you sleep

Sleeping in your dentures will cause bacteria and plaque to build up, potentially causing your dentures to fail. Plus, taking your dentures out will give your mouth tissue (gums!) much-needed recovery time to prevent any irritation from wearing dentures.

Handle with care

Any time you handle your dentures, use the upmost care. We suggest cleaning dentures over a towel or other padded, sterile surface. You can even use a basin filled with water.

Schedule regular checkups with your dentist

Dr. Felix will be able to help you determine how often your dentures need to be professionally cleaned or inspected. She will also help you if any slippage or discomfort is occurring. If your dentures are feeling loose, contact us promptly so that we can make sure no other issues arise, such as infections or sores.

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